You Are Enough For Love

We all desire to be loved unconditionally. Why? It’s because unconditional love is, well, without conditions.

Unconditional love rises above our frailties, our annoying personality traits, our physical 'imperfections' to a place of complete and total acceptance.Click To Tweet

Unconditional love transcends our humanness and takes us to a place where we feel connected: we feel like we belong. We feel like we’re enough.

Everyone needs to be loved unconditionally, and it is a soul level need. Yes, the soul has its needs too. Those needs get expressed through the lens of our humanness, and they can only be satisfied through the lens of our humanness. But, if we want to feel loved unconditionally, the place to start is not by looking to other humans.

Other people, most other people anyway, are facing the same struggles with feeling loved unconditionally that we face. The blind cannot lead the blind.

We all deal with the same obstacles to an awareness of unconditional love.

All the false beliefs we’ve adopted, consciously and unconsciously, about what love is and what love is not keep us from the very thing we need most: unconditional love.

We turn our false beliefs into experiences by virtue of the limited perspectives beliefs create and the way those perspectives affect the choices we make. We start believing our experiences show us what’s “real” and what’s not real. We conveniently forget that we are the ones who have created our own experiences. We have painted our own realities onto the canvas we call our life.

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By my estimation, the number one negative/false belief that has spread through the human species like a virus is the belief “I’m not enough for love.” In most instances, we hold that belief subconsciously. And it silently kills our sense of connection, our sense of belonging. It dissolves our ability to feel loved, one “unlovable feeling” day at a time.

The TRUTH is that we are all lovable, and we are all loved more than our human minds could ever fully comprehend. It could be no other way, for we are immersed in the very essence of love itself, Unity. We are all One: One people, under God, indivisible.

In truth, we couldn’t be unloved if we tried because, although it may not always feel like it, love is all around us. We just don’t remember as much most of the time. We don’t slow down long enough and get present enough to sense what’s right in front of us.

It’s not our fault. We’ve been conditioned that way by early childhood experiences, societal norms, media propaganda, and by those who seek to control us in service of their personal agendas.

Fortunately for us, Divine Love transcends all the conditioning of our human experiences. And Divine Love is always present, whether we realize it or not. It penetrates our human consciousness and kisses us warmly, like sunlight through an open window. Divine Love takes us by surprise in tender, beautiful moments. When it does, we awaken to the truth of what we are and how deeply we are loved.

And then the moment passes. We forget again.

The only reason we don’t feel the truth of Divine Love all the time is that we close the blinds.

We surrender our free will to forces other than Divine Love. We stop making tough choices. We stop thinking for ourselves. We stop allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable feelings because we’re afraid of what they might reveal to us. We lose compassion for ourselves and for others in the process. And it all makes us hurt inside.

Too often, we rest in the eerie comfort of our own despair. We talk about how unfair Life is to us when we should be taking back our own power and actively changing what does not serve us well. We weep in the prison of feeling unloved while holding the key to freedom in our own hands.

We don’t do it on purpose. We do it out of pain, out of confusion, out of fear, and out of anger.

We refuse to step into the warmth of Divine Love because it feels too risky to try.

After all, we’ve seen how hard it is to feel truly loved and accepted for who we are by other people. We unknowingly say to ourselves, “If people don’t love and accept me for who I am, how could GOD love and accept me unconditionally?” After all, God is omniscient. God knows everything about us. We can’t hide anything about ourselves from God.

If people, people who can’t see all my weaknesses, my fears, . . . my darkness don’t love me unconditionally, how could GOD possibly love me unconditionally?,” we consciously or subconsciously reason with ourselves.

We simply cannot imagine how God could love us just as we are, with all our “bad” thoughts and impure feelings, with all the mistakes we’ve made. “How could God possibly love someone so imperfect as me?,” we ask ourselves. And, because we are afraid of what the answer might be, we keep our safe distance from God. We imagine that God might turn “his” back on us if we get too close. And that would be the greatest pain of all. Now wouldn’t it?

So, we hide from God as best we can. We try to separate ourselves from all God’s knowing. We put God in a place where we imagine “he” can’t see us quite as clearly. Or, at least, a place where we can’t see God seeing us.

We put God “up there,” “out there,” “in heaven.” We separate ourselves from God so that we never have to face our fear of what God really thinks of us. We never have to find out if God really does love us unconditionally, if we keep God far enough away.

We conveniently forget the greatest truth there is:

God is right where we are. There is no way to separate ourselves from God. Anything that convinces us otherwise is nothing but an illusion. Moreover, God loves us just as we are. God loves us unconditionally. This truth is true for each and every one of us.

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No matter what you have ever been taught, I want you to know . . . God wants you to know . . . YOU ARE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY. YOU ARE ENOUGH FOR LOVE. There is nothing you could ever do or not do that would make God turn “his” back on you.

There is no place where you end and God begins. There is no separation between you and your Creator.

So, when you are tired and lonely and longing for a sense of connection, open the blinds. Open your heart and peer through the window of your own soul. Bathe yourself in the warmth of Divine Love.

God is right where you are. Love is right where you are. You are loved.

Try to remember as much.

You will be doing yourself and the world a favor because that warmth, the purifying warmth of Divine Love, will stay with you. And, like a candle in a dark room, it will light the way for others who have not yet remembered the truth about love.

If you’re not completely convinced of what I am saying to you now, try to prove me wrong. Pray about it. Ask God to show you the truth. Close the gap of separation you’ve created between yourself and God by starting a conversation with God.

Start asking God, “God, do you love me unconditionally? If so, please show me the truth of it. Please help me know the truth about love.” Pray that prayer each and every day, as many times as you want. Then listen, watch, and feel.

Don’t turn to other people and ask for their opinions on the matter: listen to the voice that comes from within.

Don’t look for answers online, in books, or even in sacred texts. You’re going straight to the Source for answers now. Give Source a chance to answer you.

Look for the signs. Wait for answers to be given to YOU directly. Open your heart and be willing to let the truth in. The truth will be revealed to you when you are ready to receive it.

You are enough for love. If you can bring yourself to accept that one single statement as a fundamental truth, it will change you. It will change everything.

Once you realize the truth that God loves you unconditionally, it will be much easier for you to live in this world, to be human.Click To Tweet

People will still hurt you, but you’ll understand more easily that it’s not usually their intention. You’ll still feel lonely sometimes; but that loneliness will serve as a reminder to turn within, to step into the Kingdom of God that is within you and to remember you are never alone.

You’ll have more to share with the world when you walk this path, the path of unconditional love. The world will start returning the favor by being a kinder, more gentle place for you to live. It will happen naturally, slowly, subtly. But, it will happen. Eventually, you’ll start feeling loved unconditionally by other people too.

You’ll be able to hold onto your awareness of unconditional love by anchoring it inside you.

We anchor unconditional love inside ourselves by loving ourselves unconditionally.

You are with yourself every single minute of every single hour of every single day of your life. If you will love yourself unconditionally, you will never forget that God loves you unconditionally too. You will understand that your experience of yourself is the most direct experience of God you will ever have while you are on this earth.

You will come to know that loving yourself is the reason why you exist in the first place because loving yourself brings God’s love into this world.

You will become a light unto the world because you will carry illuminated awareness, unconditional love, with you everywhere you go. It’ll be in every conversation you have, every choice that you make, and every action that you take. You will be more like the Angels and still very much human.

You will bring more unconditional love into this world, love that is so desperately needed. It will change lives, starting with yours. You may never know how far the ripple effect will spread; but your life will hold new meaning. Your existence will become worthwhile to you.

So, please, take my words to heart. Try on what I’m telling you. Be brave enough to pray the prayer I’ve suggested.

Be willing to believe you are enough for love because you are, in fact, loved beyond measure.


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