Wisdom, Will, and Weakness

I read somewhere once that wisdom is “knowledge coupled with experience.” To me, that is common sense. And common sense isn’t always the kind of wisdom we need. Most often, what we need is Spiritual Wisdom.

Spiritual Wisdom requires much more of us.

The spiritually wise person realizes there is a knowing that far exceeds the human intellect and anything that human experience can teach us, on its own. If you ask 10 people (in the West), “Do you believe you have a soul?” Most likely, 9 out of 10 of those people will say, “Yes, of course.” If you ask those same 9 people, “And what does that mean to you?,” many of them will falter.

They will stumble over the fact that the only serious consideration they have given to the concept of “soul” is what might happen to theirs, once they die.

How tragic it is when we can’t see that the beyond is right is front of us.

In spiritual circles, we speak a lot about “awakenings.”

Let me tell you that the most profound awakening you will ever experience is the one that happens the day your soul wakes up and realizes its being human.

For me, the immediate response was, “Oh, sh*%!”

I’ve had that same immediate reaction on more than one occasion. That was especially true when Divine Guidance didn’t fit with what my knowledge and experience would have supported or when I didn’t want to deal with what accepting that particular piece of Divine Guidance might mean.

  • You can embrace the concept of Oneness.
  • You can have phenomenal spiritual experiences.
  • You can feel the power of the web of Life, weaving its way through you and through the experiences of your life.
  • You can track your thoughts and your feelings to become more mindful. And you can embrace your spiritual gifts and your divinely creative power, with every fiber of your being.
  • None of it, however, will change the fact that you’re still being human.

The rent will still come due. The kids will still yell, scream, and be generally unreasonable. You will still behave in ways that might appall you, at times. And the relationships that mean the most to your heart will still be confusing and painful, much more often than you would prefer.

As Marianne Williamson recognized, “relationships are assignments.” They show us what we need to heal, to grow, and to evolve. Like the rent that comes due, the kids’ screaming, and those times when we are so imperfectly, perfectly human, it isn’t pleasant to deal with.

Boy, oh, boy, wouldn’t it be nice if Walt Disney was running the show . . . if we could always be guaranteed a happy ending? And wouldn’t it be fabulous if we all lived in Shangri-La — that mystical, harmonious valley where everyone had a roof over their head, plenty of food to eat, peace, and a supportive community?

Well, yeah, it would be wonderful. But it wouldn’t be human.

When you’re being human, as each and every one if us is doing (right now), you have to deal with it all. And it is not all perfect, peaceful, or harmonious.

It is mystical, but that’s a post for another day.

Learning how to exercise our free will wisely and in accordance with our soul’s purpose: well, that takes a lot of work, some tears, some courage, and some acknowledgement of our own vulnerabilities.

If we’re being authentic, in the process, it can get pretty ugly, in moments. But I, for one, have learned that it is never really what we do in our finest moments that defines us but what we do in our darkest hours.

That, my dear friends, is where wisdom is earned; where our will can be aligned with Divine Will; and where weakness becomes the fire that forges in us a strength that defies circumstances. It is where we can find the majesty in being human.

In all things, trust yourself and listen to your soul’s calling. Pray for Divine Guidance and follow it. Everything will work itself out; and things will be the way they need to be for your highest good and for the good of the Whole.


© 03/07/2015