Tuning Into Your Intuition

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” ~ Dean Koontz

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The best thing about intuition is that everyone has it, including you. When you were a child, you were very much in touch with your intuition . . . your soul’s guidance. And you have never lost that ability to communicate directly with your soul.

How could you? You are your soul personified.

What you lost touch with was your willingness to trust your inner knowing. You got busy, as all “grown-ups” tend to do; and Life got harder than it was when you were a child. Maybe, it got a lot harder.

So, you turned to the mind (with all its logic and intelligent analysis) as your primary source of guidance. You started listening to all the little voices in your head, the chatter from all the parts of you that were created as you had good experiences and bad experiences in Life. By “bad” experiences, I mean simply those experiences that caused you pain, embarrassment, and/or humiliation. In the cosmic scheme of things, there are no good or bad experiences. But it certainly doesn’t feel that way here in humanity. Does it?

In any event, you started consciously and unconsciously categorizing the data from the wide variety of experiences you had while growing up. And, as the database of information grew, the little voices in your head had more and more to say about whatever was happening in your life (or the lives of those around you) at any given time.

You listened to those little voices and the myriad of thoughts they created for you; and you used the best information you could retrieve to get through your experiences as they were unfolding. You probably became pretty good at relying upon all that data, all that logic, and all your past experiences (with the feeling habits they created in you) to make choices and to make them quickly.

You became a fixer, a worrier, a go-getter, a caretaker, a problem solver . . . . Shall I go on?

Somewhere along the way, you forgot just how much simpler things were when you were a child. You may not have liked what was going on around you, some or all of the time. But you had a deeper understanding of what was happening in the moment. You were much more in touch with your intuition (whether you were old enough to realize it or not).

Getting back in touch with your intuition now can help you return to a more mature version of that childlike simplicity you once enjoyed.

5 Steps for Tuning Into Your Intuition

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