STOP Preparing for the Worst

“Plan B is a distraction.” ~ Will Smith

We’ve all heard that saying, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” And, at one time or another, we’ve all thought it sounded like a good idea. It is not, however, a good idea at all. And let me tell you why.

From a spiritually scientific perspective,

What we create in our minds always finds its way into our circumstances. Sooner or later, one way or another, the thoughts we repeatedly generate become things. Whether you believe we are living in a virtual/holographic reality (like the physicist/metaphysicist Tom Campbell would call it) or you believe we are immersed in the creative energy of Spirit, which is always responding to us by creating in our outer circumstances what we consciously and unconsciously choose to experience (like Ernest Holmes might say), you know that your thoughts affect your life.

In the first instance, your thoughts stimulate your feelings. Feelings are bodily sensations that create vibrations within your personal energy field. How your body feels determines its vibrational frequency. Your body is like an instrument that is always playing its song into the universe/Life. Life responds to the songs we play by virtue of our vibrational frequency by matching us up with corresponding persons, places, or things: so that we might sing in harmony with other aspects of Life. This is another way of describing what people refer to as the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is nothing more than a principle of operation, a description of how things work. The Law of Attraction states simply that “Like attracts like.” Like pieces of a puzzle, energies are attracted to compatible energies (not necessarily identical energies but compatible energies).

Everything is energy, including us. Albert Einstein, the Buddha, and at least a thousand other “great minds” have said as much. And, by now, most of us who have been paying the least bit of attention know it’s true.

Energy, by definition, is what makes things work — power.  How we use our power determines the nature of our experiences in Life.

“Where the mind goes, energy flows,” as they say. And when energy flows, experiences get created.

It’s up to us to determine what kind of experiences we want to create. We must decide how we will use our power. We must make choices. Life demands as much of us. That’s why becoming more conscious choice makers is so very important.

Another universal law often discussed in both spiritual and scientific circles is the Law of Cause and Effect. Once again, the Law of Cause and Effect is nothing more than a principle of operation; and it states simply that “For every cause, there is a definite effect; and for every effect, there is a definite cause.” We see the Law of Cause and Effect playing out in our lives by virtue of the choices we make. Every choice has a consequence of its own. And, while the effect may not always follow the cause immediately, every choice leads to some form of a corresponding consequence eventually (unless a superseding cause intervenes in the causal chain).

A causal chain is a group of choices linked together, with one choice leading to another choice, and a set of corresponding consequences that unfold with each additional choice. A causal chain picks up momentum and power with each matching/linking choice. Sometimes, we can make a choice that’s powerful enough to break a causal chain. Without such a superseding cause, the chain of choices remains unbroken and eventually leads to a climactic outcome (a big consequence).

Are you with me? If not, read all of that again because it holds great value for you.

When we insist upon constantly preparing for the worst every time trouble arises in our lives, we do ourselves a great disservice. We spend our valuable thought energy and our powerful feeling energy on creating the very things we don’t want to happen.  And, maybe with the extra that’s left over, we spend a little energy on trying to create the better outcome. What usually happens when we do this is either the worst outcome does happen or something very close to it, which we find little relief in.

What many years of transformational work and a lot of experience in foolishly creating my own worst case scenarios out of ignorance taught me (thank God I know better now!) is that it is much better to focus on creating good in my life, to stay positively focused and to use self-love as a means of comforting myself and reassuring myself through troubling times. And guess what? I don’t experience worst case scenarios anymore.

I’m not suggesting that any of us should ignore the tough decisions that need to be made or that we neglect our responsibilities in favor of lollipops and rainbows. If a hurricane is heading your way, board up the windows and evacuate.

What I am suggesting is that, in our everyday lives, we insist upon staying focused on constructive outcomes instead of feeding any more of our valuable energy (power) to crappy outcomes (or even mediocre outcomes, which is a form of settling) than our human nature might require.

If you’re facing a difficult situation, it takes about 10 minutes to sit down and assess what could happen here. There’s always a best case scenario and a worst case scenario.  The worst case scenario might very well come to pass. But you sure as hell don’t have to go along with it by dwelling on that possibility (worrying about it day and night and subconsciously making decisions that actually lead you in that direction). Instead, you can accept that the unpleasantness of that worst case scenario may, in fact, turn out to be the case for you; and, if it does, you will survive it just like you’ve survived other worst cast scenarios. If the worst case scenario is death, well, you won’t be around to think about that if it happens. So, don’t dwell on it now. Focus on Life and living, in general.

Use all your creative energy (your thoughts, your feelings, your intellect and wisdom; and your prayers) to focus on positive solutions and better outcomes for yourself and your life. Do it one day at a time and make the best decisions and choices you can make each and every day.  Some days will be easier than others; but stay committed to creating more of what you DO want and refuse to voluntarily feed any more energy than absolutely necessary to what you DON’T WANT. Be stubborn about it; and relentlessly choose happiness over and over again. Life/the universe and the Divine are paying attention.

Both you and your life will be better off for it. I promise. Life/the universe and the Divine (God, Source, Nature) are paying attention. Your choice to remain focused on creating good and enjoyable experiences for your life will not be ignored.

No, not every single thing will go your way. And you will still have many growth opportunities to work through. You’ll still be human, with all that means. You’ll still have some unpleasant events to deal with and some challenges to overcome. Not all of it will be within your control.

Contrary to what some spiritual teachers say, we are not 100% responsible for every event that occurs in our lives. There is a greater plan unfolding here; and we are all players in a much larger cosmic drama. But we are 100% responsible for our own being. We must choose what we will think and how we want to feel about whatever happens in our lives.

Choose to focus on what will make your life better, not worse. And do the same thing again tomorrow. Repeat for happiness.Click To Tweet

I know it’s not always easy; and I falter from these guiding principles myself sometimes. They are core values in my life, however; and I know that they work. So I return to them over and over again, when I do falter. It’s okay to falter, as long as we continue to get right back up to the place within ourselves that we know represents the truth of who and what we are. As long as we return to our center and stand in the wisdom of what we know deep within us, we will be better than okay.

We are creators. That being the case, it never makes sense to prepare for the worst.

© T. Sloan Rawlins
All rights reserved.


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