REAL feelings aren’t always positive. Be Real.

REAL feelings aren’t always positive. Be Real.

Have Emotional Courage.

There is a growing epidemic in the spiritual and self-improvement communities. It is the belief that we’re supposed to be positive all the time. That belief feeds other limiting beliefs, like “spiritual people are always happy or blissful” and “low vibration emotions are bad” and “if you attracted that, you must be doing something wrong.”

The belief that Life is supposed to be one way, ALWAYS POSITIVE, ignores so much about the reality of Life that it is utterly ridiculous.

The notion that we are supposed to feel good all the time and always think happy thoughts sets us all up for failure; and it sets the stage for the exact same behaviors we are all in the process of evolving beyond. It encourages dishonesty and denial of who and what we really are inside. It establishes the need to hide what we’re really feeling if others might not approve. Bad idea!!

The point of everything that is happening with this unprecedented shift in the collective consciousness, and in each one of us, is self-realization. Self-realization requires truth, honesty, and the unconditional acceptance (love) that heals us and sets us free from our conditioned realities.

Not everyone has realized as much. And many of those people are now setting impossible and unrealistic standards for everyone who buys into what they are selling. They’re standards that followers can’t meet and, just as often, standards that the people who are spreading such propaganda cannot meet themselves. There’s nothing enlightened or superior about hypocrisy or denial.

Don’t buy into the belief that you’re supposed to be happy all the time.

There are plenty of gurus out there who have done nothing more than adopt spiritual personas. They make great performers. There are many self-improvement leaders among us who sell perfection when they, themselves, are living very imperfect lives.  They refuse to acknowledge their own health issues or financial problems until their illnesses or bankruptcies can’t be hidden anymore. Then, if they’re really good at what they do, they find a way to spin all of it so that consumers stay hooked on some new version of perfection.

These are facts that none of us can afford to ignore. We must be willing to see and to acknowledge the whole truth about what it means to be human, if we are to actually heal and to grow (personally & spiritually). The truth about being human is that it is not always easy or pleasant. And it does not always feel GOOD. Our lives are not always flawless. None of us is “perfect.”

If you can understand and accept this fact, you can evolve and make good use of positive focus. If not, you’ll stay in some new version of exactly where you’ve always been.

Positive focus is not about being perky and happy all the time. Positive focus is about finding the deeper truth beneath whatever is happening and doing it in a way that is life-giving, not destructive.Click To Tweet

Positive focus is about adding value to our lives and refusing to get locked into destructive, negative, limiting patterns that do nothing but take away from our health and happiness. It is not about pretending we feel anything other than what we are feeling in the moment; and it is not about self-denial.

There are higher truths that help us through the lows we experience in our lives. But those higher truths don’t erase the wide range of human experiences we have; nor do they prevent us from feeling what some people call “low vibration feelings.” ALL human beings get sad sometimes. ALL human beings are afraid sometimes. ALL human beings feel pain sometimes. The secret’s out, and there’s no point in lying to ourselves and to each other about it anymore.

ALL OUR FEELINGS ARE SPIRITUAL BECAUSE WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL BEINGS. In Spirit, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong. Everything just IS.

Yes, our lives are always perfect from a cosmic perspective. Our lives are not experienced solely from a cosmic perspective, however.  We are both the experience and the One having the experience. Our experiences are multi-dimensional because we are multi-dimensional.

From the higher perspective, our anger, our fear, our grief, our joy, our happiness, and our peace are ALL beautiful and perfect experiences of Oneness. In our humanness, we have a much different perspective because our perspectives come with powerful sensations, our feelings. It is a different level of experience for us, as individualized expressions of consciousness, than that being experienced by the Whole.

Lest I digress too much into an esoteric discussion here, let’s get back to the point of this post. Not every experience will give rise to positive feelings; but every experience is valuable and meaningful to us and to the lives we are here to live. Let’s not buy into the idea that’s it’s supposed to be any other way.

Enjoy Susan’s talk on emotional courage.



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