Ascension Symptoms

When a system evolves, the entire system must evolve.

Systemic evolution requires real change. Real change is never easy. Nor is it instantaneous.

A near death experience that initiates Awakening will not instantaneously erase the effects of years (even decades) of neglect, trauma, and chronic stress on your body. Trust me, I know!

A meditative experience of Samadhi or “enlightenment” will not cure what ails your heart and mind once you return to being humanunless you are able to integrate that experience into the architecture of your physical being.

To make manifest the glory of spiritual Awakening, you’ve got to bring the spiritual experience into the body (into your personal reality). That’s integration.

Without integration, even phenomenal spiritual experiences are just experiences. Like one incredibly romantic night with a special someone or a five day vacation in Maui, the beauty and power of the experience becomes but a memory – something you might spend the rest of your life trying to recreate.

To bring heaven to earth, Higher Consciousness must flow through the human body and be integrated into our human being-ness. That’s evolution.

When we have not cared for our body or our mind in a way that allows the free movement of higher states of consciousness through the framework of our humanity (the body), the flow of illuminated awareness can be blocked or dammed up. That usually hurts and/or exhausts us.

Like a rising river flowing on rocky, debri-filled terrain, Higher Consciousness pushes its way through the mental and emotional blocks that have impeded our conscious awareness. Mental and emotional blocks often manifest themselves as dis-ease in the body. As such, the process of clearing mental and emotional blocks is very much a process of healing dis-ease in the body.

We must bring the body back into balance and rewire our nervous systems to accommodate the realization of Higher Consciousness into this realm of form. That is the path of active transformation. It is a path for which many are called but few will choose, for it is not an easy path.

In many cases, our individualized minds and physical bodies are not healthy enough and strong enough to handle the onslaught of high vibration energies that accompany Awakening.  This is why monks and yogis train (physically and mentally) for many years to realize higher levels of consciousness. They approach the enlightenment process with discipline and tapered measure, preparing themselves for the ascension of their consciousness and the integration of illuminated awareness into their bodies. Not all of us, however, are monks or yogis.

In this unprecedented shift of the collective consciousness, many of us have been taken by surprise by our own Awakening. By some means chosen by our souls before incarnation, we found ourselves catapulted onto a path of transformation and transcendence that we (in our human form) may not have chosen for ourselves.

Unlike the monks or yogis who trained for years in preparation for their own conscious evolution, our minds and bodies were not prepared to receive an influx of Higher Consciousness energies all at once. As such, we have struggled with the task of clearing the way for illuminated awareness to flow freely through our minds and bodies.

For most of us, that process – the process of clearing and sanctifying the mind and body for gnosis – has been painfully challenging. And, yet, we persevere because we have realized too much to turn back now. We have experienced the exquisite beauty of Spirit making itself manifest; and we absolutely know the path we are on is more valuable than any achievement or accomplishment the world might promise.

You cannot un-know what you now know. That is especially true with spiritual Awakening.

As the mind and body (which are, of course, one) clear the way for the embodiment of Higher Consciousness, we suffer. There’s no better word for it. We suffer. We suffer until we can suffer no more and we push through the mental and emotional sewage that have contaminated our physical body and blocked the evolutionary flow of illuminated awareness into our humanity. We do it one day at a time; but we do it.

As our bodies adjust and clear the way for higher vibration energies, we feel the symptoms of mental, spiritual, and physical change. We experience the symptoms of Khundalini rising and the ascension of conscious awareness. These symptoms can include:

  • fatigue and exhaustion
  • widespread pain and body aches
  • foggy thinking
  • depressive episodes
  • panic attacks or generalized anxiety
  • headaches
  • feeling internal energy movement (like having a vibrator inside your body)
  • pulsing in the brain (as neuronal connections are being rewired)
  • digestive issues
  • constipation and/or diarrhea
  • internal humming
  • visions and premonitions
  • muscle weakness
  • periods of disassociation (feeling like you’re outside yourself, watching a movie)
  • periods of confusion and lack of clarity
  • painful emotional upheavals
  • and more.

Certainly, the medical community and the world at large has other names for the manifestation of symptoms associated with Khundalini rising and ascension of consciousness. “Crazy” is one of those names: a word used by those who attack what they cannot understand. There are other names too, however: names given by educated, often well-meaning people attempting to demystify enigmas and bring some form of relief to suffering. Naming something does not, however, change what it actually is. “A rose by any other name is still a rose,” said Shakespeare.

Fibromyaligia, Hashimoto’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, and many other “medical conditions” are diagnosed by naming the collection of symptoms not by understanding the cause. Not everyone who experiences the aforementioned collection of symptoms is experiencing conscious ascension or Khundalini rising; but everyone who experiences these collective symptoms is being called to Awaken. Of that, I am convinced.

Personally, my wake up call was so pronounced that I could do nothing else but listen to it. Every day of my life, I am grateful for my Awakening; and the fact that my journey has been arduous at times does not change my thankfulness. It has been what it needed to be for me. Just like your path of transformation and transcendence will be what it needs to be for you and your unique journey in this lifetime.

For some of us, the temple of the body was almost completely destroyed before we chose resurrection of the soul and dedicated ourselves to a course correction. With that kind of destruction, it can take years to clear and rebuild the temple. In those cases, we are dealing not only with the symptoms of Khundalini rising and ascension of awareness but also with the consequences of too many prior years of neglecting and abusing our bodies. It is a lot to deal with, and it can become very overwhelming at times. We must be constantly compassionate with ourselves and remain committed to our soul’s journey, never stopping to ask “Are we there yet?” – just continuing forward with an inner knowing that we are always right where we need to be now.

Remember, you are evolving; and your soul took into account everything in designing your journey through this lifetime. Evolution and everything that goes with it was always a part of the plan for your journey in this lifetime.

If you are dealing with chronic illness or unexplained symptoms, it is for a reason. In the process of healing and self-enlightenment, you are changing the very fabric of your being. Trust that. And honor your Whole Self.

Stay the course!

Invest your valuable time and energy in understanding what is happening through (not to) you from many different perspectives. Look at what is happening with your body and your mind from every angle; and address dis-ease on every level. Nourish every aspect of your being with spiritual devotion, emotional healing, cognitive restructuring, and caring for your body.

Work with open-minded, compassionate healthcare professionals who integrate holistic healing into their practice and into your healing protocols. Examine the possibility of hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, and imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. Treat those conditions, where they exist, with a healthy balance of spirituality, reason, and compassion. Give your body what it needs to heal and to be recreated in accordance with its Divine Pattern of Perfection.

Get help from energy healers (as you are guided) who can perform energetic interventions with you.

Take healing, transformation, and conscious evolution one day at a time.

You would not have been set on this path if you could not go all the way.

Trust your journey, and never give up on manifesting the fullness of who and what you know yourself to be.


© T. Sloan Rawlins
All rights reserved.