There are times in Life when what we really need is a hotline to wisdom and compassion!

We all go through tough times and difficult situations. It may be a break-up, a dispute with a friend or family member that shakes us up, or a troubling situation at work.

We know we could handle it on our own but having someone trustworthy and wise to talk it over with would be so much better. Preferably, that someone would not be involved in our personal lives at all. They wouldn’t have a dog in the fight, so to speak.

In those times, what we really need is someone to listen to us (first) and to then give us some heart-centered, objective advice about how to navigate the situation at hand.

Have you ever wished you could just talk to someone who wouldn’t judge you, try to control you, or think less of you because you need a shoulder to lean on and some good advice? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if that person was not only compassionate and wise but also someone with direct experience in the art of transformation and positive change?

Most of us have been in situations where we would give anything for someone to connect with and to confide in, without having to worry about how the conversation might affect our relationships or our lives. We thought to ourselves, “I just need someone to talk to who will understand without being involved.”

I’ve been there myself, and I’ve helped hundreds of other people through difficult situations by being that person: the person people turn to for caring and objective advice.

Additionally, I have cultivated my ability to hold sacred space for other people and to send positive energy (good juju) to them remotely. When someone calls upon me for an energetic intervention, I make certain that I take time to hold sacred space for that person after the conversation ends.

Time and time again, I’ve assisted people (men and women just like you) through difficult situations. Many of those people reported that it was great just to have someone to talk to who wasn’t directly involved in the situation and who they knew they could trust. 

My coaching clients enjoy this kind of energetic intervention as a benefit of the ongoing coaching relationship. I provide between-session laser coaching calls and email support to all my regular clients, on an as needed basis (at no additional charge).

Not everyone who needs assistance, and who could benefit from my skills and abilities, is at a point where ongoing coaching sessions appeal to them. Some people prefer to go it alone most of the time.

I get it! I traversed much of the transformation terrain I’ve covered in the last 8 years on my own, for a variety of reasons.

Everyone must follow their own path and do what is best for their journey, as they go along.

With that said,

There is great wisdom in knowing when it’s time to call in backup!

That’s why I’m now offering energetic interventions for those who want transformation support without an ongoing coaching relationship.

Here’s how it works:

First, we’ll schedule a one hour connection consultation. The connection consultation can be held either by telephone or via Skype, as you prefer. This consultation will give you the opportunity to meet with me and to speak openly about yourself in a confidential and supportive context. If I am going to assist you on an “on-call” basis, I’ll need a good idea of who you are and what matters to you. At the end of our connection consultation, I’ll offer you some general advice about transformation tools I know can start helping you immediately. Within 24 hours, I’ll follow up with an email that outlines the transformation tools we discussed and gives you additional details about how to put those tools into practice.

From that point on, you can feel free to text or to email me when you need or want an energetic intervention. We’ll set up a telephone call right away. Generally, this telephone call will last 40 minutes but may go longer if necessary. Even if I am not available immediately, I will make every effort to respond to you within the hour. And we will arrange to speak as soon as reasonably possible.

Here’s the cost:

**The initial connection consultation is billed at my usual rate for individual coaching sessions – $90.00. When we schedule our connection consultation, I’ll send you an invoice for the fee. The invoice must be paid within 24 hours prior to our connection consultation. Failure to pay the invoice automatically cancels the consultation.

**Energetic interventions are then billed individually at a rate of $45 per telephone meeting. I will send you an invoice for the energetic intervention after our meeting ends. All invoices for energetic interventions must be paid within 24 hours after the invoice is issued.

To set up your connection consultation,
email me at or call me at 469-301-1844.