Life is not Dodgeball

Dodge ball post pic

You know those movies where kids are playing baseball and picking teams; and there’s always that one last kid. The one nobody wants on their team? Well, I was that kid.

Scrawny, slow, and distracted (usually, by things like clouds and butterflies), I was never much on team sports. And I was always picked last (after some argument about who had to take me on their team). Going through the picking process wasn’t nearly as embarrassing and saddening as actually playing the game. The moans, groans, and name calling every time I messed up – which was frequently – really hurt. And, of course, dodgeball was the worst.

In case you don’t recall, dodgeball is that ridiculous game where kids stand in a circle and throw a rubber ball at one another. The weakest link is always the first and repeated target. Again, that was me.

While I’m sure there is some good explanation for why a teacher would force any child to play dodgeball, it sure escaped me.

Fortunately, Life is not dodgeball. We all get older, wiser, stronger, and much more experienced in the game of Life.

For me, that is a great relief. When it comes to “teams” now, I decide whose team I want to play on. And I decide who gets to play on my team. Moreover, I don’t stand in circles and wait helplessly for anybody to throw anything at me.

It’s called self-esteem, confidence, and boundaries. To develop these traits, all any of us needs is a strong sense of Self.

We build a strong sense of Self by looking inward and accepting who we really are inside, with very little regard for who anyone else thinks we should be. It is not being selfish or weird to know and to accept who you are (regardless of what others might have you be).

We’re all adults now. We get to decide what kind of people we will surround ourselves with. We get to say, “No” to playing games we do not enjoy playing. And we get to change the rules occasionally. Yes, even in the game of Life, rules can be changed.

It’s important for us all to remember that we’re not kids anymore. Everything is as different now as we want it to be.

Live Free! Be Happy.