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There are millions of people in transition today. They are in the process of personal and spiritual transformation. The journey of transformation is not always an easy journey, but its rewards are many and great. Existential pain often precedes spiritual growth. And many people find it difficult to stay the course. They mistake periods of confusion, anxiety, or depression for failure. For those who do not give up, what many might consider a break down becomes a break through: a spiritual awakening that can be life changing.

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transformation, forgivenessForgiveness is an incredible tool for healing and transformation. This short and powerful eBook provides the reader with fresh perspectives on forgiveness, as well as practices and exercises to help with the forgiveness process. Its gentle, thought-provoking approach is anchored in compassion. The insightful commentary and forgiveness practices included here can help liberate those who are ready to release the pain and suffering of past experiences.

REVIEW: “I really enjoy all of this author’s writing— but this booklet may be one of her finest contributions to date. The clarity of Ms. Rawlins language is flawless. Her heightened perspective allows the reader to experience real-time transformation. Forgiveness often appears to be an action of resigned acceptance. Not so in this booklet. Here, the power of this profound act is revealed for what it truly is… the balm that heals the wounded.
~ Susan Winter, Best Selling Author/Life Mentor




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