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As a writer, I have always allowed my personal experience to guide me through the creative process. While none of my books are completely autobiographic, there is a considerable amount of me and my life experience in all of them. I began writing because I needed to be heard. I kept writing because I wanted to help others. That is a short statement of who I am as an author.

Authenticity is, I believe, the hallmark of my work.  As such, the books I have written reflect where I was in the transformation process at the time. I wrote each book with as much honesty and courage as I could muster, at the time. The darkness was dark; and the light was brilliant. There is some of all of it in my books; but mostly in my first book, Taming The Invisible Dragon. That book came from a time in my life when my journey through a dark night of the soul was very pronounced; and, yet, victory was clearly in sight. One reader referred to Taming The Invisible Dragon, as “a book of hope.” I hope that is true for every reader who is drawn to it. Not every reader will be drawn to that book.

The intention with everything I write is simply to convey some of what experience and Divine Guidance have taught me (thus far) in a way that might be helpful and inspiring to others.  The journey of transformation can often feel very lonely; and I do not want any of my readers to feel alone. The focus has always been, therefore, on “sharing the transformation experience” more than on formatting or consideration of what might make a book popular. That approach is not something I regret: although it hasn’t helped me make any best seller list. And, for me, that is perfectly okay. Neither I nor my body of written works is finished yet.

As I have transformed, my written works have transformed with me. There is an intrinsic progression of self-discovery, awareness, empowerment, and integrated wisdom that accompanies actual transformation and, eventually, gnosis. There is not, however, a final destination (at least not while we are still here, being human). Put more concisely, I am not the same person I was when I wrote my first book, Taming The Invisible Dragon; nor am I the same person who wrote my last book, From Fear to Love: Restoring Your Sense of Balance. I am, however, the same Soul. My hope is that, by continuing to make all of my books currently available, my work can connect with readers on a Soul level, exactly where they are on their own unique journey.

With all of that said, I would encourage you to read the descriptions for each book and even take a quick “Look Inside” via Amazon before you make a purchase. Trust your own inner guidance and wisdom as to which, if any, of my books may assist you on your journey.


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There are millions of people in transition today. They are in the process of personal and spiritual transformation. The journey of transformation is not always an easy journey, but its rewards are many and great. Existential pain often precedes spiritual growth. And many people find it difficult to stay the course. They mistake periods of confusion, anxiety, or depression for failure. For those who do not give up, what many might consider a break down becomes a break through: a spiritual awakening that can be life changing.

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Our world is in transition. As a species, we are consciously evolving and changing the very nature of the human experience. The journey of transformation that leads to conscious evolution is both challenging and exquisite. It requires us to move beyond the false or negative belief systems that no longer serve us and to embrace a more harmonious and loving way of being. We can accomplish these worthy goals, and much more, by transforming the psyche and aligning its energies with the soul. With the same heart-felt inspiration she offered in her first book, Taming The Invisible Dragon, Sloan Rawlins shares more of the lessons she’s learned on her own journey of transformation openly and authentically. She demystifies concepts and principles that are essential to the enlightenment process; and she shares transformational tools that readers can use for a lifetime. This book assures the reader that they can make it through the transformational journey and elevate their consciousness to new dimensions. And they can become the love this world so desperately needs.

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transformation, forgivenessForgiveness is an incredible tool for healing and transformation. This short and powerful eBook provides the reader with fresh perspectives on forgiveness, as well as practices and exercises to help with the forgiveness process. Its gentle, thought-provoking approach is anchored in compassion. The insightful commentary and forgiveness practices included here can help liberate those who are ready to release the pain and suffering of past experiences.

REVIEW: “I really enjoy all of this author’s writing— but this booklet may be one of her finest contributions to date. The clarity of Ms. Rawlins language is flawless. Her heightened perspective allows the reader to experience real-time transformation. Forgiveness often appears to be an action of resigned acceptance. Not so in this booklet. Here, the power of this profound act is revealed for what it truly is… the balm that heals the wounded.
~ Susan Winter, Best Selling Author/Life Mentor





From Fear to Love: Restoring Your Sense of Balance

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