Understanding Khundalini and Ascension Symptoms

  YOU ARE NOT “SICK.”  YOU ARE NOT “CRAZY.”  YOU ARE EVOLVING! When a system evolves, the entire system must evolve. Systemic evolution requires real change. Real change is never easy. Nor is it instantaneous. A near death experience that initiates Awakening will not instantaneously erase the effects of years (even decades) of neglect, trauma, and Read More


What Is Your Unfulfilled Need?

Desires | Fulfillment | Consciousness Strength is a trait that must be acquired. Courage is a habit that must be developed. Wisdom comes only when knowledge is applied to experience, which requires a great deal of courage more often than not. And determination is a fire that always needs rekindling. It can sometimes feel like Read More


Life is not Dodgeball

You know those movies where kids are playing baseball and picking teams; and there’s always that one last kid. The one nobody wants on their team? Well, I was that kid. Scrawny, slow, and distracted (usually, by things like clouds and butterflies), I was never much on team sports. And I was always picked last Read More