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I am an author and Transformation Coach. I am also a Light Bearer: a liaison of Light. Neither designation changes the fact that what I’m doing, right now, is being human. It is a simple truth I keep in mind, even as I continue my own process of conscious evolution.

The human experience can be challenging for us all; and my soul’s experience in humanity has been no exception. Like many others, I was first introduced to self-realization through the forceful prodding of existential pain.

What started out as a fight to save my body and restore my mind turned into a long walk on a spiritual path. And that has changed everything. I made a commitment to consciousness years ago, and the years have brought both difficult challenges and exquisite rewards.

My journey is still, very much, in progress; and it has no final destination. But the road I’ve taken is certainly the one less travelled. It is with a grateful heart that I carry a small lamp for others who are travelling my way.

There are no hierarchies in Spirit. We are all equally important expressions of Divine Creativity. And there are many different paths for conscious evolution. We must each follow our own spiritual compass. What I share with you here, and with my private clients, is what experience and Divine Guidance have taught me, thus far.

We are all in this great journey through Life together. Let’s make the very best of it!

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Sloan Rawlins, B.A., J.D. is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, author, and speaker. She incorporates a wide range of experiential wisdom into her written works and coaching programs. Her insights and supportive guidance are both practical and encouraging.

Having undergone a radical transformation of mind, body, and spirit herself, Sloan understands the challenges a transformational journey can present. She also understands its many rewards. From healing to growth to empowerment, she has personally experienced many levels of personal and spiritual transformation. She shares what experience, training, and Divine Guidance have taught her, with an open heart.

Sloan blends elements of spiritual philosophy, depth psychology, and personal experience into inspiring, insightful books and into her coaching programs. Her first book, Taming The Invisible Dragon, was released in 2013; and her blogs have assisted and encouraged readers in over 180 countries for more than 6 years. You can find out more about Sloan’s books by visiting her Books & Products page below.

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Sloan currently lives near Lake Texoma, Texas.

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