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The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

~ Lao Tzu


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Welcome Inner Alchemists!

I am incredibly happy to connect with you here. And I celebrate your commitment to conscious evolution. The only sustainable form of enlightenment is the journey of self-enlightenment that leads us back to the truth of what we are. Upon awakening, we become aware. That awareness does not, however, change what we are or what we are doing here. Enlightenment is not a destination or an accomplishment. It is a path of continuous self-discovery.

In the infinity of Life, the dream is always unfolding; and the dreamer is always awakening to a more expanded perspective through experience. You are both the experience and the One having the experience.

The degree to which you are able to heal, to grow, and to evolve will depend upon your willingness to transform, again and again, into all that you are capable of becoming.

Healing the wounds that have lead us away from a remembrance of our true nature is the first step on this beautiful path; and we keep healing on deeper levels as we go. Then, there comes a point in the journey of transformation when we have healed our wounds enough to begin transitioning into new dimensions of consciousness. That is when this great adventure we call Life really gets interesting.

For most, there is no singular moment of enlightenment. Instead, enlightenment is a process that becomes a journey of its own.

In the enlightenment process, we discover what lies within the darkness of our own being, and we begin transmuting those energies that no longer serve us into more life-giving energies. We raise our vibrational frequency, and we change at a Being level. We convert fear into love, judgment into compassion, apathy into kindness, and more. As we do so, we enter into new states of illuminated awareness. And we learn how to perfect our spiritual gifts and abilities.

We grow. We change . . . in exciting and empowering new ways. We evolve.

The reward of sticking with the enlightenment process, staying committed to actively participating in our own transformation, is that we become conscious choice makers. As conscious choice makers, we are able to more fully embody the Light of Divine Love and to live harmoniously empowered lives. What changes in each of us helps change the world we live in.

What humanity needs now is more conscious choice makers.

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